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CTS Cinema Hire

Bring the big screen to the comfort of your home with CTS Cinema Hire

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Welcome to CTS Cinema Hire. We can bring a full pop up cinema experience to you! Whether you are hosting a cosy family movie night or watching a big sports game, our cinema hire is perfect for bringing the big screen to the comfort of your home, garden, office etc. The CTS Cinema Hire is perfect for family movie night, date night, kids parties, sports games, TV specials (Love Island party anyone?!), sing along musical themed night, weddings & events.

Cinema Hire

After managing a number of technical projects across North Wales, we have decided to start up our very own CTS Cinema Hire service. As a customer you will receive everything you need to watch your favourite films, sports or tv on the big screen, including set-up from our team. If you have any queries, please click below to view our FAQ’s.


Additional Services

The CTS Cinema Hire is a great way to spend an evening, host a big occasion or get the family together. Are you looking to make your experience even more special? If so, we have teamed up with Entertainment 12 to offer a wide variety of additional services, including Popcorn Machines, Candyfloss, Slush Puppy Machines, DJ’s, Sweet Carts, Hot Dog Machines, Children’s Entertainers & More. To see our cinema in action, click the button below.



How much does it cost?2020-08-04T08:28:47+00:00

1 day – £99.00 (1 Day hire is generally for 24 hours. This may vary depending on drop off and collection times but we will always work with you to find times that suit.)

2 Days – £150.00

3 Days – £200.00

4 Days – £250.00

5 Days – £300.00

Do you offer refunds in the event of cancellation?2020-08-04T08:28:25+00:00

If you have to cancel or re-schedule we will try and give a fair and reasonable refund providing you give us enough notice and we can re-book the date. We’ll remain honest and transparent about this, and will always try and get the best outcome for all concerned.

Should you/we take the decision to cancel due to bad weather being forecast, we will work with you to agree a different date to re-schedule. If we were to travel to your venue and have to cancel once onsite, the full fee would be required, but we’d then do a return trip to you on a re-scheduled date for half the hire fee plus travel costs. 

What if it’s windy?2020-08-04T08:27:54+00:00

Our screens are fine in light winds as they are able to be pegged to the ground or weighted down. But for safety reasons, in high winds the screen will have to be taken down and the screening halted until the wind drops sufficiently. We cannot offer refunds in the event that the screening can’t carry on, we’re afraid. Our best advice – is to always have a contingency plan to move indoors!

What if it rains?2020-08-04T08:27:28+00:00

We can work with you to keep an eye on the forecast for your event but We always advice having an indoor and outdoor option available (Sometimes a large gazebo with side panels works a treat in order to still get that outdoor sensation) The great British weather can be rather frustration at times but we will always do our best to make it work for you and your guests. 

What can we use the screen for?2020-08-04T08:27:02+00:00

Here’s  a list of a few occasions and what to watch:

Family Movie night – A classic film to suit all ages

Kids Parties – Anything bright with lots of colour! 

Date Night – Something soppy and romantic!

TV Specials – (Love island party, Eurovision, X-factor final?)

Sports games – Get together with friends for the big game!

Commercial & Business use – We can display slideshows, logo’s, photos & short films.

Other events – Big birthday party, wedding, baby shower…

Do you have insurance?2020-08-04T08:26:36+00:00

Yes we have full public liability insurance.

We do however ask you take care by following some simple rules:

-Never look directly into the projector light

-Always keep wires tucked away or covered up (We provide a 2m rubber wire cover included in the hire cost)

-Never leave young children alone with the equipment

-Please follow our advice with regards to weather warnings. (Large screens and high winds can be dangerous as can rain and electrical equipment!)

-Please read our safety information provided when your hire our cinema equipment.

Can you decorate the venue?2020-08-04T08:26:03+00:00

We are the technical experts and will make sure everything works in that department. We do however work with @Entertainment12 who provide the best event decorations around! 

Just some of the things they can provide are:

-Popcorn machine (it tastes & smells amazing!)

-Balloons (Like you’ve never seen them before)

-Ambient décor (such as the fairy lights, candles etc)

-They even have real life princesses! Elsa can come to your event and meet the kids before they watch the film! (Other characters also available)

Whatever you need – we will work with the guys at @entertainment12 to provide you with a hassle free experience.

You bring all the film equipment, but what do I need to do?2020-08-04T08:25:30+00:00

We will bring everything you need for people to see and hear the film in great quality. 

If it’s a private screening (ie on your own land for invited guests, and you’re not charging entry), that’s pretty much it, other than plugging into your home or garden power supply & Internet. We can connect our equipment to pretty much any streaming device with a USB connection. This will allow you to log in to your Netflix, Prime, NowTV account (and many more) We can also connect it to a laptop, PC, Sky tv etc.

If you’re staging a ‘commercial screening’ (ie open to the public and ticketed or free to enter) you’ll need to arrange the screening licence, entertainment licence and manage the event. Screening licences (STSL – Single Title Screening Licences) start at around £150 per film for free screenings, or 40% of your box office takings for ticketed shows. 

Does it have to be dark before screenings begin?2020-08-04T08:19:13+00:00

Yes, for the screening to work properly we advise starting at sunset although if you are in a shaded area, such as indoors or under cover (perhaps a dark tent or gazebo) then you can sometimes start earlier, around dusk. Once we begin discussing an event date with you, we can advise on start time. 

During the winter months we tend to only hire for indoor use. It might not have the same effect as being outdoors but you are able to enjoy the equipment for much longer as can get dark as early as 5pm! (Ideal for kids parties late afternoon.. and then the adults can enjoy later in the evening!)

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